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Pressed flowers 

Natural pressed flowers are a novelty from Blosmi intended for enthusiasts of handicrafts and DIY. Dried pressed flowers can be used, among others, in in resin products and jewelry, botanical frames and pictures, decoupage decorations and personalized greeting cards and invitations.

Pressed flowers

Pressed flowers

The trend for dried florals is in full swing. Dry bouquets more and more often decorate homes and public spaces. It is worth noting, however, that pressed flowers are also gaining popularity. Pressed flowers, they are an interesting challenge for handicraft lovers. They allow you to make beautiful works for your own use or as a gift. Properly dried flowers retain their structure and colors. So they make it possible to feel the breeze of spring and summer even in the middle of winter. Plus they are easily accessible. You can dry them yourself, using species grown in the garden or harvested during a walk in the meadow. Nothing stands in the way of reaching for ready-made pressed flowers dried by professionals.

What do I need to press flowers?

Flower pressing is very simple. The most common method is to put flowers between two sheets of paper and press them down with a heavy book. However, it is worth remembering that some species may discolor in this way and lose their original charm. You should also make sure that the paper is changed regularly, otherwise mold may develop on the plants. A specialized press is best for drying flowers. Most often it is in the form of connected cardboard, which perfectly absorb moisture from plants and at the same time guarantee adequate air circulation. Proper pressure is ensured by butterfly screws connecting the spacers and the plywood covers surrounding them.

Ready pressed flowers - why choose them?

Nothing stands in the way of reaching for ready-made pressed flowers for handicrafts. This way you can be sure that the plants will be perfectly flat and keep their original colors. The key to success is not only the appropriate drying process, but also the selection of species that are best for this type of work. Pressed flowers are usually available in sets of different species. Properly selected colors give endless inspiration for creative works and become a real paradise for handicraft lovers.

Pressed flowers - where can they be used?

There are many possibilities to use pressed flowers. All you need to do is free your imagination to create beautiful solutions perfect for decorating your home or other space. Pictures on the wall made of pressed flowers (the so-called botanical frames) have recently become very popular. They are elegant and fit well into any space - both rustic and modern. Pressed flowers can also be embedded in resin, creating original and very elegant trinkets: key rings, hangers or jewelry. Lovers of the decoupage technique will appreciate them. Pressed flowers can be used to decorate plywood boxes, handkerchiefs or bookmarks.

Recently, personalized greeting cards have become very popular. They are usually created for birthdays, name days, and also for weddings. Made by hand, they gain extraordinary value, being a fantastic souvenir for the recipient. Cards decorated with pressed flowers are very easy to prepare. All you need to do is stick the plants on the paper for the effect to exceed expectations. In addition, pressed flowers are perfect for invitations - especially those given on the occasion of a wedding, baptism or communion of a child.

Pressed flowers in Blosmi

In Blosmi you will find pressed flower sets. What distinguishes them is high quality. Careful, professional drying allows the plants to retain their texture and colors. The set includes flowers appropriately selected in terms of species and colors.

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